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Helping Canadian Talent Achieve Their Full Potenial

Applications for EDAF are coming soon.


Our Mission

EDA Foundation is a non-profit and charitable organization founded by Mena Massoud, who plays the titular role in Disney's live-action film Aladdin.

With help from fellow-industry members and the local community, EDA hopes to inspire inclusivity and diversity in the arts and entertainment industry so that young ethnically diverse artists can gain access to the tools they need to jumpstart their careers.

Our Vision

Whether it be access to mentors, aid for training, or assistance with headshots or gallery fees, at EDA, we believe that providing these basic necessities can make a big difference in the lives of artists in their early days.

Making a Difference

Donations from our website and future campaigns will go directly to the foundation, and from there, eligible artists can apply for assistance.

Join EDA Foundation as we strive to create, motivate, and inspire diversity in Canadian arts and entertainment!

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Maryam Remtulla

Maryam Remtulla is a Stage and Screen studies graduate from Queen’s University.

Maryam Remtulla is a Stage and Screen studies graduate from Queen’s University. After graduating, Maryam's passion for storytelling in every form led her to devote her life to a career in filmmaking as a producer and actress. During her time at Queen’s, she participated in a variety of theatre and film initiatives including co-directing the 2018 Focus Film Festival. For the past two years she has gone on to produce various film productions including music videos for up-and coming Canadian artists and corporate documentaries as well as act in a variety of short films. Maryam currently works as a producer and production manager in downtown Toronto.

Meet the Team

Mena Massoud


Mena Massoud is an Egyptian-Canadian actor making his mark with distinct choices in film and television. Most recently, Mena has starred in the title role of the hugely successful Disney live-action reimagining of Aladdin, directed by Guy Ritchie. Up next, Mena stars in the feature film Run This Town, a Canadian political drama, which details the turbulent final year of the Rob Ford administration in Toronto. The film had its festival debut at the 2019 SXSW Festival. Currently, he is in production on the new Hulu drama series, Reprisal, which Warren Littlefield is producing with A+E studios, also starring Abigail Spencer and Rodrigo Santoro.

Outside of acting, Mena founded a company, Evolving Vegan, which aims to introduce people to plant-based living and help them evolve towards that lifestyle at their own pace. Through Evolving Vegan’s Instagram page and IGTV handle, Mena shares episodes in which he visits all the best Vegan restaurants in the United States and beyond. He also plans to publish a cookbook next year.

Ali Mashayekhi

Executive Director

Ali Mashayekhi is a Canadian producer who grew up in Toronto, Ontario. During his university years, he pursued his passion for writing, creating cartoons for the local student paper. This experience fostered a long held fascination with film and its industry. In order to create opportunities, he formed the independent production company Landed Entertainments in 2003; he has been at the helm ever since. He has produced several short films, many music videos, feature films and documentaries.

Frequently Asked Questions

Below you will find answers to commonly asked questions. If you can’t find an answer, use a Contact form.

What is EDA’s mission?

EDA aims to provide focused support to young, ethnically diverse artists, empowering Canadian talent with the resources they need to break into the industry.

Who is this for?

EDA’s application process is open to all ethnically diverse artists (actors, musicians, visual artists, etc.)

What kind of support do we provide?

EDA will customize support to suit the needs of each artist in ways that will elevate their ability to showcase their talent in the arts and entertainment industry.

Depending on the individual’s needs, artists will receive support in the form of:

Access to mentorship offering valuable feedback from active members of the arts and entertainment industry. For example, workshops with casting directors, talent agents, managers, actors, music producers, photographers, etc.


Financial coverage for basic necessities. For example, assistance with professional headshots or photoshoot sessions, gallery rental fees, or recording studio sessions.

Who is eligible?

In addition to being a member of an underrepresented community, artists wishing to access support through EDA must meet all of the eligibility requirements below:

  • Must be Canadian Citizens or Permanent Residents of Canada.
  • Must be between the ages of 18-35.


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